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How to move a DHCP database from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008

I needed to duplicate my primary DHCP scopes to a secondary DHCP server so I could perform maintenance on my domain controller. Both of my servers are 2003 R2. I came across the following procedure on the Microsoft support site

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Creating WebMarshal Database on SQL Server 2012, Error “Could not find stored procedure’sp_dboption'”

Version  of WebMarshal is not officially supported on Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012 and I wanted to find out if it would work. I installed WebMarshal on to a Windows Server 2012 box for the application server with a backend SQL

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SQL Server Does Not Exist or Access Denied

I was unable to see my SQL 2012 Server from my Applications Server and was getting the error “SQL server does not exist or access denied. I checked in the SQL Server Configuration Manager that TCP/IP was enabled. I also

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Setting the Time on Windows Server Using NTP Server.

To configure an external time source on the PDC emulator, execute the following command (, used here only as an example): w32tm /config / /syncfromflags:MANUAL /update Always restart the windows time service (w32time) when making any changes: net stop w32time

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Guide to Setting Up SQL Server 2008 R2

Not being a fulltime DBA I came across a great guide to setting up SQL Server 2008 R2. I used this to help setup my SQL Server 2012.

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Windows Server 2012 Storage Spaces: Virtual Disks Detach After Reboot

I built myself a NAS\SAN in my test lab using Windows Server 2012 Storage Spaces, a WD Black 1.5TB disk and a WD Green 2TB disk, Initially this worked well. With the success I decided to upgraded the physical disks to WD Red

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Install Firefox 4 on Fedora 14

Mozilla Firefox 4 has been released and this guide will show you how to install Firefox 4 on Fedora 14 using YUM. It’s important to take backups of all Firefox profiles before you install as this is a major version

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Where is the “All Users” profile in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2?

In Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008/R2 the “All Users” profile can now be found as the C:\ProgramData directory. There can be shortcuts in the C:\Users\All Users directory to the new location, for compatibility reasons, but in most cases you

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